JBS Group Scotland

JBS Fabrication Ltd are a wholly owned subsidiary of JBS Group (Scotland) Ltd.

A leading global provider of engineering solutions we specialise in Fabrication & Engineering Services, Blast Containment, Screw Conveyors and Subsea Excavation Services. In the USA, we are a leading manufacturer of nano materials and fifth dimensional structures with our research, development and production facilities located in Ft. Lauderdale Florida.

Our aim is to create excellent results for clients, business partners and ourselves by providing best in class engineering solutions across a diverse range of sectors including oil & gas, space, defence, renewable energy and power generation.

The entire JBS community is one team with a shared vision and common set of values applied to every task we undertake.

Everything we do is focused on being 100% safe with a commitment to innovation, sustainability and value creation.

We began as a small trading company serving the oil and gas industry in the North East of Scotland. Today, we are an international business working at onshore and offshore locations in over 80 countries. Central to our development has been our ability to innovate, adapt and work with clients to deliver engineering solutions using the best available technology.

Defence – Arc flash and ballistic protection for T26 Global Combat Ships for the British Navy.
Oil & Gas – Arc flash, blast, frag, pressure test containment, fire protection, transformer protection, Subsea Control Flow Excavation, Screw Conveyors for hazardous areas and Steel fabrication & Engineering.
Renewable Energy – PLAT I floating tidal energy platform, wind and wave control flow subsea excavation and fabrication.
Power Generation – Arc flash, blast, frag, fire protection and power station main GSU transformer protection.
Space – NASA, SpaceX, European Space Agency, blast & fire containment.
Fishing – stainless and carbon steel fabrication, electric motor drive systems and screw conveyors.