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Fraserburgh FC Supporters Club Awards

The Fraserburgh FC Supporters Club have the below awards.

Fraserburgh FC Supporters Club Player of the Year – This is chosen by Supporters voting on their Man of the Match on a match to match basis.

Fraserburgh FC Players’ Player of the Year – The winner of this award is chosen by their fellow players.

Fraserburgh FC Young Player of the Year – This is chosen by the coaching staff at the club.

Mark Dewar Memorial Trophy – This trophy is presented in the memory of former player, Mark Dewar, who was so tragically taken from us in 2002. Mark epitomised what being a member of Fraserburgh Football Club should be and it is so sad he never got to fulfil his talent. The trophy is awarded to individuals who show the same dedication and love for the club as Mark did in his short time with us.

Fraserburgh FC Goal of the Season – Chosen by the Supporters along with the Players and Coaches.


FFC Supporters Club Player of the Year
Season Winner Season Winner Season Winner
1977-78 John Duthie 1992-93 Scott Clark 2007-08 Jamie Ralph
1978-79 Jim Oliver 1993-94 Paul Keith 2008-09 Russell McBride
1979-80 Alex Crawford / Neil Clark 1994-95 Marino Keith 2009-10 Russell McBride
1980-81 John Duthie 1995-96 Scott Clark 2010-11 Graham Johnston
1981-82 Brian Sim 1996-97 Derek Milne 2011-12 Mark Dickson
1982-83 Neil Clark 1997-98 Michael Stephen 2012-13 Scott Barbour
1983-84 Jimmy Young 1998-99 Russell McBride 2013-14 Scott Barbour
1984-85 Jimmy Young 1999-00 Ian Murray 2014-15 Graham Johnston
1985-86 Robert Gordon 2000-01 Russell McBride 2015-16 William West
1986-87 Alan Thomson 2001-02 Michael Stephen 2016-17 William West
1987-88 John Thomson 2002-03 Trevor Fleming 2017-18 Paul Young
1988-89 John Duthie 2003-04 Michael Stephen 2018-19 Scott Barbour
1989-90 Michael McCafferty 2004-05 Michael Stephen 2019-20 Owen Cairns
1990-91 John Thomson 2005-06 William West 2021-22 Scott Barbour
1991-92 Jimmy Young 2006-07 Ryan Christie
PlayersPlayer of the Year
Season Winner Season Winner Season Winner
1998-99 Russell McBride 2007-08 Graham Johnston 2017-18 Paul Young
1999-00 Kevin Norris 2008-09 Steven Main 2018-19 Paul Young
2000-01 Andrew Stephen 2010-11 Paul Leask 2019-20 William West
2001-02 Michael Stephen 2011-12 Scott Barbour 2021-22 Bryan Hay
2002-03 Derek Milne 2012-13 William West
2003-04 Michael Stephen 2013-14 Ryan Christie
2004-05 Ryan Christie 2014-15 Ryan Cowie
2005-06 Ryan Christie 2015-16 Bryan Hay
2006-07 Ryan Christie 2016-17 Michael Rae
Young Player of the Year
Season Winner Season Winner Season Winner
1999-00 Russell Thomson 2009-10 Jonathan Garden 2019-20 Callum Watson
2000-01 Michael Thomson 2010-11 Courtney Cooper 2021-22 Jamie MacLellan
2001-02 Mark Cowie 2011-12 Steven Davidson
2002-03 Ryan Christie 2012-13 Bruce Patterson
2003-04 William West 2013-14 Adam Clark
2004-05 Ross Walker 2014-15 Adam Cross
2005-06 Dean Elrick 2015-16 Jordan Mowat
2006-07 Nico Marchi 2016-17 Jordan Smith
2007-08 Bryan Hay 2017-18 Ross Grant
2008-09 Jamie Beagrie 2018-19 Logan Watt
Mark Dewar Memorial Trophy
Season Winner Season Winner Season Winner
2002-03 Neil McLaren 2010-11 Paul Leask 2018-19 Edward Flinn
2003-04 William West 2011-12 Scott Barbour 2019-20 Ryan Sargent
2004-05 Graham Johnston 2012-13 Courtney Cooper 2021-22 Derek Strachan
2005-06 Marc Dickson 2013-14 John Chalmers
2006-07 Allan Hale 2014-15 Cameron Buchan
2007-08 Dean Elrick 2015-16 Joe Barbour
2008-09 Bryan Hay 2016-17 Michael Rae
2009-10 Allan Hale 2017-18 Peter Tait


Goal of the Season
Season Winner Goal
1998-99 Paul Keith v Peterhead (Home) League
1999-00 Kevin Norris v Elgin City (Home) League
2000-01 Derek Milne v Deveronvale (Away) Aberdeenshire Cup Final
2001-02 Scott Mackie v Keith (Home) League
2002-03 Derek Milne v Huntly (Home) League
2003-04 Neil Main v Peterhead (Away) Aberdeenshire Cup
2004-05 Kevin Norris v Inverurie Locos (Home) Aberdeenshire Shield
2005-06 Michael Stephen v Cove Rangers (Home) League
2006-07 Alan Hale v Buckie Thistle (Home) League
2007-08 Steven Main v Nairn County (Away) League
2008-09 Graham Johnston v Keith (Away) HLC Semi-Final
2009-10 Robert Morrice v Lossiemouth (Away) League
2010-11 Graham Johnston v Lossiemouth (Away) HLC 2nd Round
2011-12 Graham Johnston v Keith (Home) Aberdeenshire Shield
2012-13 Graham Johnston v Formartine Utd (Home) Aberdeenshire Cup Final
2013-14 Graham Johnston v Montrose (Home) Scottish Cup 3rd Round
2014-15 Courtney Cooper v Forres Mechanics (Away) League
2015-16 Ryan Christie v Nairn County (Away) League
2016-17 Michael Rae v Buckie Thistle (Home) League
2017-18 Paul Young v Huntly (Home) League
2018-19 Scott Barbour v Formartine Utd (Home) League
2019-20 Aidan Combe v Wick Academy (Home) League
2021-22 Sean Butcher v Forres Mechanics (Home) League